Since 1967, Lark Builders, Inc. has dedicated themselves to manufacturing the best portable buildings in the industry. Our attention to quality, durability, and product value is why Lark is “The Standard in Portable Buildings.”

Some manufacturers spend their money on marketing schemes and gimmicks. At Lark, we invest our money in our product and you can see it in every portable building we build. Our innovative construction techniques and state of the art equipment insures that your Lark Building will be second to none. While others are playing catch up, Lark is out front with cutting edge improvements to our product.

We don’t take any short cuts. Our approach has never been to just get by; we are committed to building the best. In the following pages, we will illustrate why state of the art construction systems and techniques provide the strength, durability, and product value that only Lark delivers.


WarrantyAt Lark, we are not satisfied with setting the industry standard for quality, durability, and product value. We know that to stay out in front of the competition and continue to build the best, we must critically evaluate our product and manufacturing process daily. This constant attention to product improvement and customer satisfaction has made Lark the undisputed leader in portable buildings.

After almost 50 years of setting the standard, we have above all, learned one thing, that nothing ever stays the same. Products and customer requirements constantly change. Better building material and manufacturing methods are created almost daily.

If we are to work in the best interest of our customer, we must keep making the refinements and improvements that keeps our products on the cutting edge.

We realize that purchasing a portable building is no small matter, it is a major commitment of financial resources. For this reason, before you purchase any portable building, you owe it to yourself to compare Lark’s product, quality, and price to any competitor’s model and you will be convinced that there is only one choice and that it is Lark every time.